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Organic Sound Instrument Speakers

A new experience in audio began for me back in 2011.

I was inspired to use the natural resonance of wooden acoustic instruments to create an organic loud speaker sound experience.  I purchased a pair of ¾ violins and a pair of acoustic guitars, and I installed high quality speakers into the instruments. Because of the vibration inherent in the acoustic instrument’s wooden body, I had to make sure that the speakers wouldn’t distort.


Traditionally speakers are contained in a non or low vibration “box”.  My concept was to have the acoustic instrument actually play the amplitude sound (amplified music) back to the listener for an unparalleled organic loudspeaker experience.

 After many long nights in my studio, designing and testing prototypes, at last I created a pair of Organic Sound Acoustic Instrument Loud Speakers that far exceeded my expectations.


They had the best loudspeaker sound  I , as a Professional Sound Engineer and audiophile, have ever heard!  Really.

The pair of guitar speakers produced an amazing low-mid frequency that had been created by the shape, thickness and flexibility of the instrument's body used for the speaker box. It was a beautiful sound.

The violins however, having a smaller acoustic body, increased the higher-mid frequencies giving a sweeter tonality to the sound they produced.


Some of the speaker sets include a subwoofer to complete the full range of frequencies down to 30 Hz. The subwoofers are made from Tom- Tom drums and other percussion instrument bodies depending on the size of the woofer and the design of the individual system.

I figured if a kick drum or floor Tom are the instruments that mostly create the low frequencies in every music ensemble, why not use them to recreate their authentic sound back through the loud speaker system?  It was a remarkably successful idea; it sounded amazing!


These are simply superior speakers, which increase and widen the spectrum of frequencies because of their acoustic instrument bodies. They deliver an unparalleled organic listening experience for the true audiophile.



About Me

Tal ("Tali") has been in the music business for over 20 years.  After he graduated from L.A. Recording Workshop in 1994 he founded his first  Analog Recording Studio, and has pursued music and sound design passionately ever since. 

In 1997, Tali created his first "Steampunk" style custom studio monitor speakers from the highest quality parts available at the time.  In 2000 , he began creating class A amplifiers for HiFi home stereo systems, and he continues until this day bringing audio technology to a new level of art.

Tali's biggest joy is reviving broken or abandoned high end vintage gear, bringing it to life again, giving it regenerated purpose.


Commonly called upcycling or repurposing, the vintage gear often gets upgraded performing better even than it originally did , as he modifies them with modern technology.

Every single piece Tali builds is a labor of love requiring weeks of detailed time and attention to artistic expression, skillfully combined with technical expertise.

Tali's audio art designs feature expressions of the classic Old World, Steampunk, Tribal, Gothic, and Biomechanical styles.

About Us

Vitalis by D.G.Tal Custom Audio, founded by Tal Levy, is a music lover’s dream.

We create and build custom one of a kind systems and pieces in Vintage Style from our shop here in the Hudson Valley.  Our products are works of art for the audiophile, musician, and anyone who appreciates beauty and loves to sit back and listen to great music. We build, amplifiers/vumeters, Mp3 pre amp devices, subwoofers, and of course our unique specialty, The Organic Sound Instrument Speakers.


We provide personal attention to give you the best level of customer service, and so whether you’re buying a piece or system I’ve already designed, or you have a vision of your own, I’m here for you to work with.

I really prefer to discuss details with my clients by phone. I will make personal arrangements for the safe sale and delivery of any of my custom systems, so please contact me. If you’re within a two day drive, for example, I will deliver to your location and do the installation personally.



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