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One Of a Kind Custom Made Instrument Speakers

 Custom Audio  Stereo Speakers

Hi-Fi speakers

HiFi speakers Hi-Fi systemHiFi speakers HiFi speakers


HiFi stereo speakers uniquely designed from real acoustic instruments.

These audio systems will give you the highest natural sound quality for your listening pleasure. 

The unique design is in more than just the look, it’s in the revolutionary concept of unparalleled organic sound acoustic instrument speakers.

You get to experience the natural resonance of wooden acoustic instruments combined with high quality speakers as you play back your

music from all of your favorite stereo devices.




About Organic Sound Instrument Speakers


A new experience in audio began for me back in 2011.

I was inspired to use the natural resonance of wooden acoustic instruments to create an organic loud speaker sound experience. I purchased a pair of ¾ violins and a pair of acoustic guitars, and I installed high quality speakers into the instruments. Because of the Vibration inherent in the acoustic instrument’s wooden body, I had to make sure that the speakers wouldn’t distort... 

"Tali is a true artist and sound engineer. His design of the Vitalis Audio  speakers are artistic and beautiful.

The Sound that emerges allows the creativity of the music to be heard."


C Lanzbom Grammy Winner and two times nominated. “Pete Seeger” “Soulfarm”



"Through the combination of two distinct tone-producing apparatuses, the acoustic instrument and the speaker, Tali is creating an entirely new musical voice. His technical knowledge and relentless creativity are leading the way to a new sound experience, a melding of various aural devices yielding astonishing results."


Bryant Trenier                                    Guitars



"What is the quality of a musical instrument based on? It's the selection of the finest material and the treatment with the hands and skills of an experienced, artistically minded master in instrument building who adds his soul to his work. Compared to his products, any industrial made instrument is more or less "dead" - only suitable for beginners, if at all, and better suitable as a requisite that's going to be smashed in a western movie. The same applies to speakers, which have to fulfil even more tasks than a musical instrument: They have to speak, scream, cry, shout and play a multitude of instruments simultaneously without adulterating any of them. So it's only natural to build quality speakers with just the same skills, care and artistic mind as an instrument maker does. Have you ever thought about that? I do hope I'm not the only one. Be that as it may - these speakers are for those who have - the true gourmets in music." 

By Atelier Rullit 

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